What is the MINDBODY API? 

MINDBODY has developed an API (Application Program Interface) that allows other developers, such as American Spirit Technology Group, to build custom integrated solutions. Our integrations functionalities are based upon the MINDBODY API. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a particular set of rules ('code') and specifications that software programs can utilize to communicate with each other.

Supported Merchant Accounts within MINDBODY’s API.

  • U.S. - All US Processors
  • United Kingdom - Paysafe(Optimal Payments)
  • EU - Adyen and Paysafe(Optimal Payments)
  • Canada - Bluefin and Paysafe(Optimal Payments)
  • Australia and New Zealand - EziDebit

    No other Merchant Accounts currently work with MINDBODY’s API. Mindbody's API team is working to added more merchant accounts. If you need any assistance with setting up or picking a merchant account, please contact Mindbody Support. Note: If a country is not listed, there is no processor currently available for that country that can be utilized by the API.

Mindbody API Limitations:

Below are features not yet supported by MINDBODY's API for any partners or mobile applications utilizing the MINDBODY API. We have requested each of these functionalities with MINDBODY’s API team and will add them once the function is released to the MINDBODY API.

  • Purchasing or redeeming gift cards.
    Please Note: MINDBODY has recently introduced this feature to their API and our development team is working to implement this as soon as possible.

  • Purchasing contacts or packages. (Once purchased, clients can use these to sign-up for class through the integration.)
    Please Note: MINDBODY has recently introduced this feature to their API and our development team is working to implement this as soon as possible.

  • Redeeming account credits (e.g. redeeming $10).

  • Purchasing Retail products

  • Specific products, pricing, or class sign-ups based on a clients membership status, account settings or contract.

  • Booking a recurring reservations.

  • Children or family accounts. In order to function through our integration, clients most have their own full Mindbody Account. (More information on Mindbody Client Accounts.) 

  • Double booking with the same MINDBODY client account into a schedule class.  

  • Course and Open Enrollments are not fully supported by MINDBODY's API to allow reservations. They will appear in our integration but the 'Sign Up' button will redirect clients to MINDBODY Consumer Mode.

  • Assistants assigned to enrollments do not currently pull over.

  • Currently there is a bug within the MINDBODY API that will redirect a user to the first event in the course when the Course Enrollment is linking out to MINDBODY Consumer Mode. MINDBODY is aware of this issue and we are woking with them on a solution.

  • Payment Plans/Programs for Enrollment sign-ups.

  • Appointment booking 'Notes' section.

  • MINDBODY Consumer Mode's pop-up alert system.

  • Reward Points

  • Allow clients to make a reservation on behalf of another client. 

If you have any questions about whats supported with MINDBODY's API and our integration, please contact our support team by submitting a new ticket