Part of the integration between your LiveEdit website and your MINDBODY account includes the ability to have clients complete purchases for various services and products without leaving your website. 

Please Note: Gift Cards, Packages, and Contracts are currently not supported by MINDBODY's API. Due to this limitation, these items will not appear within our checkout integration.

Available Products

To get started, you will first want to make sure all of your products are available for purchase within your website.

When logged into your site, click on the Dashboard icon in the upper right corner.

Click on the MINDBODY icon in the Apps section.

Click the link for ‘MINDBODY Site Settings’ on the right side.

In the Products tab, you will see a listing of all items that are available for purchase. Check the items that you would like to be available and save your changes.

Linking Products

Now that all of your products are available to be purchased, the next step is to set up your product listings and link them to the corresponding product.

In our example, we will be setting up the ‘BUY’ link to go to the checkout for the 10 Class Pass. In order to do that, we will need to get the URL for the checkout of that package. That can be found in the Checkout section of the website.

Checkout Section

Once your website is linked to your MINDBODY account, a checkout section is created that will list all of the available products you have made available to purchase. This section can be accessed by adding the extension /apps/mindbody/checkout to the end of your website URL.


By selecting any of the available products and clicking ‘Next’, you will be taken the the checkout screen for the selected item.

From this screen a user can log in to their MINDBODY account, or by create a new account to complete the purchase.

In our example, we want our ‘BUY’ link to take the user directly to the checkout screen for the 10 Class Pass. As mentioned earlier, to do that we need the URL for the checkout screen for the 10 Class Pass. That can be found at the top of the page in your web browser.

Since our link will be going from one section of our website (the product listings) to another section of the same website (the checkout screen) the ONLY portion of the URL that is needed to set up the link is the portion that begins with /apps/mindbody/checkout, or to keep it simple, everything to the RIGHT of the ‘.com’.

Example: /apps/mindbody/checkout.php?productID=10057

Highlight that portion of the URL from your checkout screen and copy it.

Setting Up The Text Link

Navigate to the page with your product listings and go into Edit mode. Then click on the text area for your product listing to open the Text editor.

Highlight the text you would like to make a link, in this case the word ‘BUY’ and select the Insert/Edit link icon in the toolbar.

In the edit window, you will see a box for URL. This is the destination of your link.

Paste in the information that was copied from the checkout screen and click ‘Ok’ and then save your changes.

Note: To apply a button style to your link, select 'Button1' under the 'Class' field. 

Your text should now be set up as link that will take a user directly to the checkout for your product. In our example, the ‘BUY’ link is now active and will take a user to the checkout screen to purchase the 10 Class Pass.


Follow this same process to set up the checkout process for all items you would like to make available for purchase through your website. As was mentioned earlier, gift cards and any product requiring a contract cannot be purchased within the website, and must be purchased in MINDBODY Consumer Mode

The process to set up those items is the same as outlined above. The only difference is that the URL for the text link will be the URL for the specific product in MINDBODY Consumer Mode. 

To grab a link specific page of your MINDBODY Consumer Mode, such as Gift Cards, please see MINDBODY's guide here: Once you have the link, please see below. 

Example: Linking to the purchase of a gift card

Product listing

Setting up link. URL is the full URL of the product listing in MINDBODY Consumer Mode.

URL is the full URL of the product listing in MINDBODY Consumer Mode and will take the user to that page to complete purchase.