The Article element is a part of the content management service.  It allows you to view all of the articles associated with your website.  Article elements are essentially text documents which will initially be placed on the website launch or the element will allow you to customize the site through the placement of articles.  The elements power comes into play by allowing you to personalize the website by placing your own articles.

Article list

In the first screen of the article element, there are some filters in which you can use to narrow down the articles listed.  In the textarea, you can input words that are located in the article's title or tags that may be associated with any of the articles.  Then click the search button to view the new listing of articles.  Just to the right is an AZ and Date sort button.  Clicking either of these buttons allows you to sort via the article's title or the date the article was created.

On the grid you'll have a listing of:

  • Article Title
  • Date
  • Lock/Unlock image: If the the lock image is shown, this article is not editable.  If the unlock image is displayed you'll be able to change the article to your liking. 
  • Choose: Clicking the choose button will take you to the previewer screen.


Locked Article

This is an example of a locked article.  If you decide you like the article you would like to use, simply click the "Place Article" button. 


Unlocked Article 

 In the unlocked screen you'll have the power to edit the article as you see fit.  You can also choose to display the headline by clicking the corresponding checkbox.  Once you decide this is how you would like the article to look, click the "Place Article" button.  Your article will be placed on your site.


Article Element (Advance Tab)

  • Display:  This pulldown menu determines whether the Element will be displayed on mobile browsers.
    • All Devices: Display this content on all versions of the website.
    • Full Version: Do NOT display this content on mobile versions of the website.
    • Mobile Version: ONLY display this content on mobile versions of the website.

  • Align: Align this content left, center, or right inside it's containing Content Area.

  • Class: Assign a special CSS Class to this YouTube video. You can add CSS affecting this class in the CSS tab of your page template.

  • Title: The title, more commonly known as a tool tip, is text that appears when you hover over this Element. You can place instructions or other helpful content in this field.