An email will be sent to the participant of a MyStats class 15 to 20 minutes after the class has completed. The e-mail will provide a summary of the participants stats and a link to view all of the stats in the MyStats app.

To create the email correctly, three images need to be uploaded into the file manager. The images need to be in the top level folder "My Files". The image need to be named statbox.jpg, mystatEmailHeader.jpg and myStatEmailFooter.jpg

This is an example of an email sent to a member.

statbox.jpg example

The statbox.jpg needs to have the dimensions of 222 X 137

mystatEmailHeader.jpg example

The mystatEmailHeader.jpg needs to have the dimensions of 1015 X 182 example

The mystatEmailFooter.jpg needs to have the dimensions of 1013 x 127